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The Mysterious Alexanders; Case #1

A genealogist is always a detective so I am giving you the facts and only the facts and I would like some help if any of you have opinions.  I also need support for the opinions so I am including the sources (sort of) and I am using this to clarify for my own self just who Alexander Ware is!

William Alexander Ware # 1 listed with brothers James and Edward Powell alias Ware in Virginia Continental Line, Roster of Revolutionary War Soldiers of Georgia Click to see original.   All three were listed as being present at the surrender of General Cornwallis at Yorktown.  All three moved to Georgia.  There is one more Ware listed but not as part of their family,  Robert Ware and  it is Robert's son, Nicholas, whom Ware county GA is named after from what I can deduce.

 Now the interesting thing about this entry is; both the names William and Alexander are used for one individual.  Also note that this source says; "went to Fayette, GA and died unmarried" (more about that later).

The Powell/Ware brothers came to GA in the early 1790's.  I am sure that they had come to scout out the possibilities and  land prior to that time but the physical move of the family took place in the early 1790's because they went to the county commissioners in the county of Amherst, VA for a "letter of character".

Did you noticed the Powell/Ware name?  Remember  that because it is a romantic story for another blog and one that I am dying to tell but not today.  Just be apprised that these men were known by both names until they moved to Georgia.  We've never checked the Revolutionary War records under anything but Ware so that is a job for some other budding genealogist.   However, you do need to know the basic family structure so that you can help sort things out.

Edward Ware; b.1720 in Virginia near or in what eventually became Amherst Co. and we are not sure which Ware and female is his father & mother because as with all Ware's he had at least two cousins named Edward.  Our Edward had at least 8 children.
Wife # 1 Unknown
Wife #2 Lettice Powell daughter of Thomas Powell and Mary Place who were Quakers.
#1. Mark b. @1843, seems to be the oldest son but we can not identify a mother.  Mark is not the child of Lettice Powell by who all his other children were born and Mark's mother seems to have been living when at least the 1st 6 of Edward and Lettice's children are born.  Edward's will gives to Mark only 5 schillings (now Mark had probably received other property from Edward long before the will but the other children are all named and given substantial property)  The will also indicates his "wife" Lettice so she was by his death his legal heir.  I know of no other work on identifying Mark (A Kentucky Ware family uses the given name Markham on several occasions maybe this is what Edward named this child.)

#2. James b. 19 Nov 1745;  One of our brothers, married Mary Veale
#3. Elizabeth Susannah b. @1747 married Josiah Joplin, 1 Dec 1767 in Amherst Co. VA
#4. William "Alexander" b @ 1748-9  In Edward's will he is refered to as William but he is referred to in the previously mentioned book as William Alexander.
#5. John b. @ ? married Elizabeth Dabney (nee) Anderson.
#6. Anne b. 19 Oct 1758.  married 1. Patrick Campbell, Rev War soldier killed 1777.  Married 2. David Hayes
#7. Edward; b.18 Sep 1760 One of our brothers. Married 1.Sarah Thurmond, 2. Nancy Daniels 
#8. Sarah; b.@ 1865.  Married John Smith, 5 Dec 1785.
(the only children ever referred to as Ware are #1 and #8.) 

So Alexander #1 was most likely William Alexander son of Edward Ware and Lettice Powell

Clue #1In Virginia Continental Line, Roster of Revolutionary War Soldiers of Georgiahe is listed as unmarried but there is a Marriage for William Ware and Martha "Patty" Davis in  Marriage Records of Amherst Co,  Virginia 1763-1800.

Clue #2 In Amherst County, VA  Deed Book F, pg 624-623 is an indenture made 6 Dec 1790, between
James Ware & Mary his wife
Edward Ware & Salley his wife
William Ware & Patty his wife
David Hay & Anne his wife (previously Campbell) nee Powell/Ware
John Smith & Sarah his wife nee Ware (she was legitimate)
Josiaha Jopling and Susannah his wife nee Powell/Ware
& John Ware who paid each of the above 100 pounds and they sold him a parcel of land, 125 acres, along Swamp Creek in Amherst Co. 

So it looks as though William Alexander is possibly married before he left for Georgia.  

2016, September.  the William Alexander Ware of Amherst Virginia is not the same person as the Alexander Ware of Fayette, Georgia and Texas.

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