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Alexander Ware; Case #2

Alexander Ware #2
Always so interesting to find that you had documentation all the time that helped with the sorting out.
Alexander Ware #2 was born 11 September 1789 in Amherst, Virginia to James Powell Ware and Mary Veale.  A nephew to William Alexander Powell Ware (b.  about 1748 and married to Martha “Patty” Davis), a brother to James Ware who married his cousin Lettice Ware, also a brother to Edward who married Sarah Daniel Penn.  Alexander is the name he is always called in the family bible of Edward Ware (his brother) and Sarah Daniel Penn.
Alexander #2 is the individual who lived in the area of Line Creek, Fayette Co. Georgia.  He was a fairly large land owner and slave holder.  He was a soldier in the War of 1812 and eventually became a state brigadier-general.   He also worked with the Creek Indians and it was to his house the 2 widows of Chief William McIntosh came when their husband was killed.
“McIntosh’s remaining family, including the two wives and two sons, refuged to General Alexander Ware’s home in Fayette County.  Ware’s home and property was on the eastern side of Line Creek, near the border of Georgia and the Creek Nation, in the vicinity of present day Peachtree City. With them came 120-150 other Creek Indians who feared for their lives. General Ware and friendly whites did what they could for the refugees. Ware reported to Governor Troup, “The road is covered with refugees, and upwards of four hundred warriors of hostile party are feasting on McIntosh’s cattle and would be marching toward the settlement of whites in three days. I will prepare for an invasion of perhaps as many as four thousand warriors. Whites, who have lived among Creeks a long time and know them, are sending their families out of the Creek Nation.” Near General Ware’s home, in fear of a Creek up-rising, Fort Troup was constructed to protect the settlers and friendly Indians, but the attack ever came.”   From the web site Historical Exploration  by Edward Jordan Lanham and John Lynch,  April 2007  “Chief William McIntosh And The McIntosh Road”
 As I have researched the Alexander Ware on Line Creek, Fayette County Georgia he has always been mentioned in compiled genealogies or other books of historical information as “never married”.  Last week in preparing for this article after “googling”  Alexander Ware the following information  from “Biographical souvenir of the States of Georgia and Florida” pg 812-813  An article about Col. George M. T. Ware b. 17 Nov 1824 in Fayette county Georgia includes the following;
Gen. Alexander Ware, his father, was a soldier in the war of 1812, and later a State brigadier-general.  He had charge of the McIntosh party of the Creek Indians who ceded lands to Georgia, which created a division in the tribe known as the Hostiles and the McIntosh party.  He was also a planter and an enterprising man of means, investing when and where the outlook appeared inviting.  He was killed July 7, 1836, at about the age of forty years, in Texas, by parties who belong to the “Murrell gang,” which was a band of outlaws headed by one John A. Murrell.  They originated in Tennessee during the thirties, and operated mostly in the southern States, and notably in Tennessee, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama and the Carolinas and Mississippi and in the great Mississippi Swamp, where they had their headquarters.  Their business was mostly stealing “niggers,” selling them and stealing them again as often as possible or prudent, and then killing them, on the theory that “dead men tell no tales.”  This band was finally broken up under the surveillance of Detective Virgial A. Stewart.”
Now this is an interesting turn of events, a son who was about 11 years old at his fathers death, especially a man of great wealth and position as this particular Alexander Ware, should be easy to find in the land and guardian records of the day.  So that is an area of research to be pursued in January 2011 h
The following is a transcription of the newspaper article of July 12, 1836 announcing the murder of General Alexander Ware and requesting contact from any heirs to claim the property, both land and slaves. 
Macon, July 7—We are informed by a Mr. Clark, a gentleman recently from Texas, that General Alexander Ware, Formerly a resident of Fayette county, in this state, was murdered in Veilon Zavalla Colony, about the last of May.  He was traveling with a man by the name of Eaton, by whom he was shot and robbed of his money,(probably 5 to 6,000 dollars.  Eaton was pursued into the United States, but it is not known whether he has been taken.  General Ware left, it is believed, about 15 negroes on his farm, near the town of San Augustine, and as he has no connections in that country, that our informant knows of, it is probable that his property could be obtained, if claimed by his relatives in the United States.  Our informant thinks that further information, might, probably be obtained respecting his property, by writing to Col. John Thomas, recently of Upson county, in this State, at San Augustine, via Fort Jessup.-Messenger
Recap of Facts        
#2 Alexander Ware; Parents are James (Powell alias) Ware #1 and Mary Veal.  His known siblings are James Ware #2 and Edward Ware #3.    
He was born 11 September 1789 in Amherst, Virginia.   
His family moved to Elbert County Georgia in 1790 and settled in a part of that county that later became Madison County.   
As an adult he fought in the War of 1812 and later in several Indian conflicts.  He was elected a state Brigadier General.  
 He was an early settler in Fayette County, electing to purchase property on the very edge of the frontier with the Creek Indians. 
In early 1830’s he began to sell off his property in Georgia and moved to Texas when it was really frontier.  
 The Edward Ware III and Sarah Daniel Penn bible gives the date of his murder as 8 June 1836. He was 46 years old

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The Mysterious Alexanders; Case #1

A genealogist is always a detective so I am giving you the facts and only the facts and I would like some help if any of you have opinions.  I also need support for the opinions so I am including the sources (sort of) and I am using this to clarify for my own self just who Alexander Ware is!

William Alexander Ware # 1 listed with brothers James and Edward Powell alias Ware in Virginia Continental Line, Roster of Revolutionary War Soldiers of Georgia Click to see original.   All three were listed as being present at the surrender of General Cornwallis at Yorktown.  All three moved to Georgia.  There is one more Ware listed but not as part of their family,  Robert Ware and  it is Robert's son, Nicholas, whom Ware county GA is named after from what I can deduce.

 Now the interesting thing about this entry is; both the names William and Alexander are used for one individual.  Also note that this source says; "went to Fayette, GA and died unmarried" (more about that later).

The Powell/Ware brothers came to GA in the early 1790's.  I am sure that they had come to scout out the possibilities and  land prior to that time but the physical move of the family took place in the early 1790's because they went to the county commissioners in the county of Amherst, VA for a "letter of character".

Did you noticed the Powell/Ware name?  Remember  that because it is a romantic story for another blog and one that I am dying to tell but not today.  Just be apprised that these men were known by both names until they moved to Georgia.  We've never checked the Revolutionary War records under anything but Ware so that is a job for some other budding genealogist.   However, you do need to know the basic family structure so that you can help sort things out.

Edward Ware; b.1720 in Virginia near or in what eventually became Amherst Co. and we are not sure which Ware and female is his father & mother because as with all Ware's he had at least two cousins named Edward.  Our Edward had at least 8 children.
Wife # 1 Unknown
Wife #2 Lettice Powell daughter of Thomas Powell and Mary Place who were Quakers.
#1. Mark b. @1843, seems to be the oldest son but we can not identify a mother.  Mark is not the child of Lettice Powell by who all his other children were born and Mark's mother seems to have been living when at least the 1st 6 of Edward and Lettice's children are born.  Edward's will gives to Mark only 5 schillings (now Mark had probably received other property from Edward long before the will but the other children are all named and given substantial property)  The will also indicates his "wife" Lettice so she was by his death his legal heir.  I know of no other work on identifying Mark (A Kentucky Ware family uses the given name Markham on several occasions maybe this is what Edward named this child.)

#2. James b. 19 Nov 1745;  One of our brothers, married Mary Veale
#3. Elizabeth Susannah b. @1747 married Josiah Joplin, 1 Dec 1767 in Amherst Co. VA
#4. William "Alexander" b @ 1748-9  In Edward's will he is refered to as William but he is referred to in the previously mentioned book as William Alexander.
#5. John b. @ ? married Elizabeth Dabney (nee) Anderson.
#6. Anne b. 19 Oct 1758.  married 1. Patrick Campbell, Rev War soldier killed 1777.  Married 2. David Hayes
#7. Edward; b.18 Sep 1760 One of our brothers. Married 1.Sarah Thurmond, 2. Nancy Daniels 
#8. Sarah; b.@ 1865.  Married John Smith, 5 Dec 1785.
(the only children ever referred to as Ware are #1 and #8.) 

So Alexander #1 was most likely William Alexander son of Edward Ware and Lettice Powell

Clue #1In Virginia Continental Line, Roster of Revolutionary War Soldiers of Georgiahe is listed as unmarried but there is a Marriage for William Ware and Martha "Patty" Davis in  Marriage Records of Amherst Co,  Virginia 1763-1800.

Clue #2 In Amherst County, VA  Deed Book F, pg 624-623 is an indenture made 6 Dec 1790, between
James Ware & Mary his wife
Edward Ware & Salley his wife
William Ware & Patty his wife
David Hay & Anne his wife (previously Campbell) nee Powell/Ware
John Smith & Sarah his wife nee Ware (she was legitimate)
Josiaha Jopling and Susannah his wife nee Powell/Ware
& John Ware who paid each of the above 100 pounds and they sold him a parcel of land, 125 acres, along Swamp Creek in Amherst Co. 

So it looks as though William Alexander is possibly married before he left for Georgia.  

2016, September.  the William Alexander Ware of Amherst Virginia is not the same person as the Alexander Ware of Fayette, Georgia and Texas.

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A Tale of Two Williams

Over the years, as I have looked to see what others know about my Ware family, I have constantly seen misinformation about my William Ware (b.1828).  Different places of death, different wives, different Civil War Military Units.  Sometimes these were all combined and sometimes these were just combined in different ways.
Since I have the information from his daughter I thought it must be fairly correct.  So I began to look at some of the documentation that others had attached to their information about William Ware and I came to the conclusion that there must have been two men from Floyd County Georgia that lived about the same time.
The following is the result of that research.  I would like to have been able to display this side by side but I don’t have enough “blog” technology skills to do that so you will just have to look at them one after another.  

William Ware; My ancestor,  The older of the two Williams

Father; James Ware II
Mother;  Lettice Ware
Born; 24 Feb 1828 Madison Co. GA
(Ware/Ford family bible . Held by K. Rose, Tombstone in Ford/Birdsong Cemetery, Booze Mt. Road Floyd Co. GA.  Picture)

Moved to Floyd Co. GA by 1843 when he is listed in the letters of Administration of the Intestate Estate of James Ware II as a minor . 
            Abstracts of Floyd Co. Courts
            FHL # 975.835, V2K v.3
            Pg. 16  
            Court record pg 75
“Application of Wm. Ware, minor & orphan of James Ware, late of Floyd Co., decd., that Edwin Jones be appt. guardian of person & property of said William Ware.  Granted Oct 29, 1843
Jos. Ford appointed one of Adm. of Estate of James Ware on this date.

William was 15 yrs. 8 mo. 5 days old at the time of his father's death and therefore old enough to choose his guardian.

Married Martha Gee Ford; 24 Jun 1849
( date of marriage on tombstone at Birdsong Cem
   Also in papers of Sarah Emma Ware Cates
            Loose papers and Bible pages)
William Warren Ware would have been 11 years old.

1850 Census:  Have not found them in this Census in Floyd Co.  Wm Ware is listed in Slave schedule as having 9 slaves but there is NO William or Wm Ware listed in the census itself.  I have been page by page.
1860 Census: Georgia, Floyd, Bakers district, pg 251  Lines 25-31 Family #809

Civil War Service;
            Georgia 6th Cavalry Co. G Sardis Vol.
            This Wm. Ware’s Muster Records;
            Appears on role Dec 31 1862 – Apr 30 1863
            Enlisted June 8, 1862
            Surrendered with the Army of the Tennessee
                        In April 1865
            No other rolls for this man

Soldiers and Sailors System
                        Georgia 6th   Co G lists 4 Wares

            A.K.C. Ware (Augustus K. C. Ware)
2nd cousin to both Wm Ware’s
            G. W. Ware (Unknown
            George  W.Ware (Unknown
                        These are most likely the same  man
            William Ware ( probably the 1828 )

Died :  18 Apr 1865 (See Blog Archives for picture of death announcement)
            Tombstone in Birdsong Cem.
Loose papers and Bible pages form 
Sarah E. Ware, daughter

Sarah Emma’s Family Story is that Martha heard the dogs barking and went to the door and to see why.  She saw him coming across the fields and as she watched he was shot in the back.  There were deserters hiding in the are and they had already attacked the house on an earlier  occasion and shoved Martha down the stairs causing her a broken leg.  She lay at the bottom of the cellar stairs and called her children to bring the baby and come down to her.  Sarah Emma told her children and grandchildren that she remembered being scared to death because they could hear the men upstairs stripping  the house of food and valuables.
            That day as Martha watched William come he was shot in the back and “they” carried him into the house where he later died.

George Harrison’s  (Emma’s older brother) family story is different.  His story is that William and G.H were in the fields plowing when the plow hit an unexploded shell and blew up.  William, mortally wounded, sent G. H. for help.

William Warren Ware;  The 2nd William from Floyd Co.
Father; Edward Ware
Mother; Sarah Daniel Penn
Born; 17 Aug 1838 Floyd Co. GA
(from Penn/Ware family bible. Held by Ben Ware)

1850 Census;  Floyd Co. GA
with parents  Subdivision 39 pg 85B/170 Lines32-41
1860 Census: not with the family in Van’s Valley

Married; Mattie E. Price after the Civil War moved to TX.  She dies @ 1873 Hamilton Co. TX
            2 children
            Harrison Lee Ware b. @ 1866 d. 24 Sep1908           
           William Matthew Ware b. 7 Aug 1872
Marries #2 Nannie Jane Leach;  3 Dec 1874
             Hamilton Co. TX
            4 children
             Albert Jackson Ware; 9 Oct 1875; Hamilton Co. TX
             Daniel ; b. 12 Aug 1877, d. before 1880 , Hamilton Co. TX
              Edwin Aubrey; b. 24 Jul 1878; Goldswaite, Mills, TX
              Robert Penn; b. 12 Jan 1881;  Hamblin Co., TX

Civil War Service
            Georgia 8th Infantry; Millers Rifles
This William Ware was captured near Malvern Hill, VA on Aug 2, 1864 and was paroled from Ft Delaware, Del. On Jun 17, 1865
This is one month after the older William died in Georgia.

Soldiers and Sailor System list Ware’s in GA 8th
H. L. Ware (probably Harrison Lee brother to William Warren as he was in Co E also known as Millers Rifles.  He was Killed in battle around Richmond VA Jun 25, 1862

            Warren W. Ware   Co E
            William W. Ware  Co E
The above names are alias for the same man

1880 Census TX, Hamilton Co. ED 71 pg 24& 25
            Lines 49-50 and 1-5
1900 Census TX Hamilton Co. ED 83 Sheet 5B
            Boarder, Widow and birth info. Blank
1910 Census TX, Travis, Austin, ED 66, sheet 6A
            line 12  widow
1920 Census TX Travis, Austin, ED 99, sheet 2A, pg 151 line 5.  Widow,  Also an inmate of Home for Confederate Soldiers.

Died; 12 Aug 1924 , Austin TX.  ( Information from Confederate Soldiers Home Austin TX)

I hope this exercise will clear the confusion about these two men. 


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You Never Know What You Have.

I don't know if this has ever happened to you but I'm telling the story so that maybe it won't happen to you.

Last June 2009 we cleaned out an apartment that my Dad, bless his heart, had been using as a storage place.  If you knew my dad you would know that he never has enough storage places.  While my mom was alive she sort of kept things under control but she has been gone 20 years now and he doesn't have the foggiest idea how to sort, choose the best, and get rid of the rest.  To him it is all the best.

Anyway it had been a long hot morning of sorting and tossing stuff to go to Goodwill, stuff to sell, stuff to throw away.  My sister in law said, "Have you looked in that box, I think I saw your mother's scriptures in there" My response, "Yes, I have looked in there!  I agonized over throwing my mother's scriptures away but I think I got everything out of them and I already have 3 sets of my own at home that I need to get rid of.  So I don't want to ......"    As I am saying all this she is shaking the book over the container and out falls this piece of paper with a black "ribbon" woven through it.  I remember seeing this as a child in one of the bibles my father brought back from the funeral of his parents (future blog story).  I was seven at the time and over the years as I became interested in Family History my mother allowed me to peruse those bibles.  I remember it as a book mark but at the time did not recognize it's significance.

Yes, it really is what it says it is.  An "announcement" of  a funeral service in 1865.   Do the math folks!  This is 144 years old.  It is hand written and as you can see William died at 2:30 am and this was going out to neighbors and relatives probably as soon as they could reasonably knock on someones door to give it to them.  Notice the date, April 18th, 1865.  Nine days after Lee's surrender at Appomattox.  These were all (we don't know how many there were) hand written and probably went by horse back because the area was rural.   It was on the path of the Union Army's march to the sea in 1864 and most of the outlying farms and plantations suffered significantly by Sherman's "scorched earth" policy.  Both sides raided these folks for food over about a 6 month period.  The Ware's  had been well off before the Civil War but now some of the families began to disintegrate.  William's family was completely broken up less than ten years latter, scattered from Rome to Texas and in between.   Those are stories for later posts.

I heard one story of William death from my father who heard it from William's daughter Sarah Emma Ware, dad's grandmother.  She would have been seven or eight years old when this happened because she was born in 1858.    However, recently I have been contacted by a descendant of Emma's brother, George Harrison Ware (about 2 years older than Emma) and he has a completely different story from his family.   These stories are not in any sense similar,  in fact they are so different we would be hard pressed to figure out how the "legends" became so different.  I looked several years ago at microfilm of newspapers in Rome to see if I could find any mention of this death to no avail.  But, things are different now and maybe I need to revisit the newspapers because both stories would have been spectacular for the day.  I will post the stories later on.   If and when I can figure out my new picture program I will try to get the pictures up of who we consider must be William and his wife Martha Gee Ford.