Friday, July 22, 2011

A tribute to my Dad

David Thomas Cates Jr.

 Dad was born July 26, 1921 in Plainview, Hale County, Texas.  His father David Sr. was a roustabout for an oil company at the time and therefore traveled where ever there was work in the surrounding towns of west Texas and eastern New Mexico.  His mother was Ruth Carter whose parents were what were called "dry farmers".  In other words in west Texas they didn't farm much because there was little rain.  Dad graduated from Hobbs High School in 1939 (Hobbs, New Mexico) and joined the Army the next year.  Once in the army he applied and was accepted into the new Army Air Corp.   And then WWII began.

He met Dorothy while he was stationed at Kearns, Utah.  They married in Salt Lake City in July 1943.

They had 4 children.  He was a building contractor.  Dorothy died in 1990 and he remarried Anna Christensen.  As of the last 10 years his cognitive abilities declined due to head injuries caused by several falls.  He had lived in assisted living since the last fall in Dec of 2009. 

He died 10 July 2011.  Sixteen more days and he would have been 90 years old

He loved his family, his fellowmen and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He is now with his beloved Dorothy and free from the physical fetters of this life.  I am sure there was a big party since he was the last man standing of his siblings on this earth.

Thanks Dad and until we meet again:

We love you.

Kathleen & Pat & the boys (and now all the girls too)