Sunday, February 5, 2012

Flash; New Information Just In. Feb 5, 2011

 Amherst Record/Will Book 5 pg 213  will of William Ware.  Dated January 31, 1809.  Codicil; October 30 1811 and probated June 21, 1813.
Wife; Patty
Sons; Madison (under age) , Ormond (under age) and John.
Daughters; Sally (wife of William Jopling), Permilla Powell,  
      Tinsley Rucker; (through her daughter, Nancy W. Rucker, under age)
       Betsy, Lucinda, Belinda, Perlina (underage).   
Executors are;  Brother, John Ware and William Jopling (son in law) 

Conclusion: if William ever went to Georgia he returned and was living in Amherst at the time of his death in @1813.  

This information has been in my files for many years.  As I said to my PIC (partner in crime-what our husbands call my friend Vicki and I) " I looked at this document at the time (15 years ago) and didn't realize what it was saying".  I now see that "William Alexander" probably never left Amherst Co.  and the Alexander living in Fayette Co. Georgia was always #2 as Fayette County didn't exist in 1813, because the area belonged to the Creek Indians.

You just have to get enough pieces of information together before you can put the puzzle together and this puts the puzzle together.  I will get to a document in the near future on this particular Ware family as they are MOST interesting.

comments appreciated.