Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Tale of Two Williams

Over the years, as I have looked to see what others know about my Ware family, I have constantly seen misinformation about my William Ware (b.1828).  Different places of death, different wives, different Civil War Military Units.  Sometimes these were all combined and sometimes these were just combined in different ways.
Since I have the information from his daughter I thought it must be fairly correct.  So I began to look at some of the documentation that others had attached to their information about William Ware and I came to the conclusion that there must have been two men from Floyd County Georgia that lived about the same time.
The following is the result of that research.  I would like to have been able to display this side by side but I don’t have enough “blog” technology skills to do that so you will just have to look at them one after another.  

William Ware; My ancestor,  The older of the two Williams

Father; James Ware II
Mother;  Lettice Ware
Born; 24 Feb 1828 Madison Co. GA
(Ware/Ford family bible . Held by K. Rose, Tombstone in Ford/Birdsong Cemetery, Booze Mt. Road Floyd Co. GA.  Picture)

Moved to Floyd Co. GA by 1843 when he is listed in the letters of Administration of the Intestate Estate of James Ware II as a minor . 
            Abstracts of Floyd Co. Courts
            FHL # 975.835, V2K v.3
            Pg. 16  
            Court record pg 75
“Application of Wm. Ware, minor & orphan of James Ware, late of Floyd Co., decd., that Edwin Jones be appt. guardian of person & property of said William Ware.  Granted Oct 29, 1843
Jos. Ford appointed one of Adm. of Estate of James Ware on this date.

William was 15 yrs. 8 mo. 5 days old at the time of his father's death and therefore old enough to choose his guardian.

Married Martha Gee Ford; 24 Jun 1849
( date of marriage on tombstone at Birdsong Cem
   Also in papers of Sarah Emma Ware Cates
            Loose papers and Bible pages)
William Warren Ware would have been 11 years old.

1850 Census:  Have not found them in this Census in Floyd Co.  Wm Ware is listed in Slave schedule as having 9 slaves but there is NO William or Wm Ware listed in the census itself.  I have been page by page.
1860 Census: Georgia, Floyd, Bakers district, pg 251  Lines 25-31 Family #809

Civil War Service;
            Georgia 6th Cavalry Co. G Sardis Vol.
            This Wm. Ware’s Muster Records;
            Appears on role Dec 31 1862 – Apr 30 1863
            Enlisted June 8, 1862
            Surrendered with the Army of the Tennessee
                        In April 1865
            No other rolls for this man

Soldiers and Sailors System
                        Georgia 6th   Co G lists 4 Wares

            A.K.C. Ware (Augustus K. C. Ware)
2nd cousin to both Wm Ware’s
            G. W. Ware (Unknown
            George  W.Ware (Unknown
                        These are most likely the same  man
            William Ware ( probably the 1828 )

Died :  18 Apr 1865 (See Blog Archives for picture of death announcement)
            Tombstone in Birdsong Cem.
Loose papers and Bible pages form 
Sarah E. Ware, daughter

Sarah Emma’s Family Story is that Martha heard the dogs barking and went to the door and to see why.  She saw him coming across the fields and as she watched he was shot in the back.  There were deserters hiding in the are and they had already attacked the house on an earlier  occasion and shoved Martha down the stairs causing her a broken leg.  She lay at the bottom of the cellar stairs and called her children to bring the baby and come down to her.  Sarah Emma told her children and grandchildren that she remembered being scared to death because they could hear the men upstairs stripping  the house of food and valuables.
            That day as Martha watched William come he was shot in the back and “they” carried him into the house where he later died.

George Harrison’s  (Emma’s older brother) family story is different.  His story is that William and G.H were in the fields plowing when the plow hit an unexploded shell and blew up.  William, mortally wounded, sent G. H. for help.

William Warren Ware;  The 2nd William from Floyd Co.
Father; Edward Ware
Mother; Sarah Daniel Penn
Born; 17 Aug 1838 Floyd Co. GA
(from Penn/Ware family bible. Held by Ben Ware)

1850 Census;  Floyd Co. GA
with parents  Subdivision 39 pg 85B/170 Lines32-41
1860 Census: not with the family in Van’s Valley

Married; Mattie E. Price after the Civil War moved to TX.  She dies @ 1873 Hamilton Co. TX
            2 children
            Harrison Lee Ware b. @ 1866 d. 24 Sep1908           
           William Matthew Ware b. 7 Aug 1872
Marries #2 Nannie Jane Leach;  3 Dec 1874
             Hamilton Co. TX
            4 children
             Albert Jackson Ware; 9 Oct 1875; Hamilton Co. TX
             Daniel ; b. 12 Aug 1877, d. before 1880 , Hamilton Co. TX
              Edwin Aubrey; b. 24 Jul 1878; Goldswaite, Mills, TX
              Robert Penn; b. 12 Jan 1881;  Hamblin Co., TX

Civil War Service
            Georgia 8th Infantry; Millers Rifles
This William Ware was captured near Malvern Hill, VA on Aug 2, 1864 and was paroled from Ft Delaware, Del. On Jun 17, 1865
This is one month after the older William died in Georgia.

Soldiers and Sailor System list Ware’s in GA 8th
H. L. Ware (probably Harrison Lee brother to William Warren as he was in Co E also known as Millers Rifles.  He was Killed in battle around Richmond VA Jun 25, 1862

            Warren W. Ware   Co E
            William W. Ware  Co E
The above names are alias for the same man

1880 Census TX, Hamilton Co. ED 71 pg 24& 25
            Lines 49-50 and 1-5
1900 Census TX Hamilton Co. ED 83 Sheet 5B
            Boarder, Widow and birth info. Blank
1910 Census TX, Travis, Austin, ED 66, sheet 6A
            line 12  widow
1920 Census TX Travis, Austin, ED 99, sheet 2A, pg 151 line 5.  Widow,  Also an inmate of Home for Confederate Soldiers.

Died; 12 Aug 1924 , Austin TX.  ( Information from Confederate Soldiers Home Austin TX)

I hope this exercise will clear the confusion about these two men.